It All Starts With A Dream

It All Starts With A Dream

It starts with a dream...

That's what we believe at the Showcase Series. When an athlete dreams....their parents dream too. Our mission is to help those dreams come true. Unlike many tournament companies, we start with Education...then Evaluation....and finally Exposure. The world tries to sell you fancy venues and destinations. You are being told you "MUST" play at a certain site if you want to play at the next level.  ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!!!!  If you are not the fastest, throw the hardest or hit the just wasted a lot of time and money.  The truth need someone that is respected in the game to notice you, and advocate on your behalf.  

Baseball games of consistency.  This means you have to do things over and over again. So this disproves alone disproves the one week events and the one day showcases.  Our goal at the Showcase Series is to see players multiple times over the course of the summer. We provide the following:

  • Live game feeds through streaming
  • Captured video
  • Game statistics (Provided by Gamechanger)
  • Season statistics 
  • Baseball metrics and analytics (Provided by Flightscope)
  • Player profiles (Provided by Baseball Bluebook)
  • Player evaluations
  • We then advocate to these college coaches in their search for future athletes.  

The Showcase Series attends High School practices and games in the spring as well as hosts summer and fall events. We do this so we can accurately evaluate players. Most players need to be evaluated more then once in order to determine an accurate skill set. We have learned that in this game; success is measured by being able to repeat fundamental skills.

We are here to help, and never try to force teams or their players to to use our services exclusively. We want you to experience what is out there so that you can appreciate what the Showcase Series actually provides on a weekly basis. We are not done!!! We are committed to helping athletes move on. We will continue to learn and make the changes needed to help dreams become a reality!



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