Southeast Showcase

Southeast Showcase

The Southeast Showcase Series has a specific agenda...helping identify and assisting players in advancing.  Unlike any other company in the region, the Southeast Showcase Series has full time staff with MLB scouting backgrounds at games to collect data on players and advocate on their behalf.  So it is normal for players to get opportunities from Colleges and Jr Colleges that are not even in attendance based on the constant networking and advocation done by the Southeast Showcase.  


We break down the recruiting process into 2 segments, active and passive.  

  • Active Recruiting means there are individuals that are constantly working year round evaluating players at the HS, Select, College and Professional level and communicating with coaches to fill their needs or give them accurate information to assist in their recruiting.  This method has by far the highest success rate
  • Passive Recruiting means that players play in hopes of the recruiters or scouts in attendance like their particular skill on a given day.  It also refers to the world of "profiles" that are being sold to families so frequently.  

The Southeast Showcase uses both methods to ensure that players have the best chance at moving on.  In addition, the Staff members travel throughout the Southeast and evaluate current HS, College and JC teams in order to learn each teams specific needs as well as collect data for analytical evaluation to be used in comparisons for assisting players move on.  


The 4 Sectors or Segments represents the areas of focus for our company.  Rather than just throwing tournaments and playin on High School Fields, the Southeast Showcase goes above and beyond.

Segment 1 - Players - We work from a "players first" standpoint.  Our primary goal is to serve the player.  We are constant in our efforts to ensure that we continue to evolve.  For example, the data shows that more than 80% of players will attend schools within 250 miles of where they are from.  So we strive to provide venues and teams within that distance to ensure the highest success rate.  

Segment 2 - Families - After all, without the families there is no industry!  We provide accurate rosters for all fact...we mandate it.  The Southeast Showcase has live streams of the games and stats so parents can keep up when they are not able to attend (also very helpful in the recruiting process).  Our programs contain information on the Host University, its coaches, the city it is in, etc.  

Segment 3 - Teams - The teams coming to events are looking for competitive play, nice fields and to help their players advance.  We work hand in hand with the teams so that we may serve their players.  The more players their teams advance on to the next level, the better those teams and organizations look and they continue to grow and prosper.  We also keep the costs down.  We do this by trying or best to negotiate with colleges and universities to keep their prices down. In doing so, we do not inflate the tournament fees.  We strive to provide more for less!

Segment 4 - Recruiters and Scouts - Most of the time, our goal is to assist scouts and recruiters in weaving their way through all the hay and finding the needle they are looking for.  To do this, you really have to know the programs and what they currently have.  For example, if the College has 3 underclassmen catchers on scholarship...they likely will not be looking for a 4th!  By attending their games and researching their rosters, our staff can effectively communicate with the scouts and recruiters on how players have been performing.  We have a seperate program that is given freely to the scouts and provides direct access to the coaches and players.  

Although only briefly covered, the 4 segments are essential to us.  If at any time a parent or coach desires more in depth about our model, simply give us a call or come by our offices.  Again, we are open year round!